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LED technology has progressed over the past 5 years and has become more affordable, easier to use and very reliable.
Clubber UK Visuals have the expert knowledge and experience required to provide the most cost effective and quality LED video products.

LED screens are moduler and can be built to any size or ratio

Our popular rental sizes are 3.5x2m, 5x3m & 7m by 3.5m

Fully waterproof with IP65 rating

suitable for indoor and outdoor use all year round

DIP, SMD available from P2.5 upto P16 pixel pitches suitable for displaying full video, visuals, animations and sporting events

The only type of screen guaranteed not to be affected by ambiant or stage lighting

ClubberUK Visuals provide hire and sales services for the latest LED video screens.

Why LED Video?

  • Long life span (100,000 hours / 10 years +)

  • Low maintenance (No need to change bulbs)

  • Low ongoing costs (No need to replace expensive projector bulbs)

  • Scalable (No limit to screen size)

  • Flexible (Screen size or shape can be changed easily)

  • Easy to repair / replace (Parts are modular)

  • Easy Installations with no shadow issues (Video Projectors may cast shadows)

We Provide

  • Expert advise & recommendations on LED Video Screens

  • Site / Venue Appraisals

  • LED video screen design

  • Supply LED video screen if required

  • Set-up & programming of LED video screen

  • Custom video content creation

  • Advanced mapped video content to LED video screen design

  • Logo / Branded video content for LED video screen

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