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These animated visuals are designed for one of the most popular LED screen and projector screen layouts with a split screen behind and infront of the DJ - 4:1 Front / 4:2 Back Ratio.


Our 'TV Pack' is made up of 5 powerfull visual loops with built in alpha channel (transparency) allowing you to place your own visuals inside the TVs to create amazing effects. Layer any videos or visuals behind these loops to make them appear on the TV's.


Each video loop is designed to loop seamlessly and beat sync using popular VJ software such as Resolume & Arkaos.


Bring your DJ booth alive with 3D effects and beat sync visuals.



  • 5x Lighting Effect Loops
  • 1x Alignment Image
  • 1x Outline Mask
  • 1x Alignment Tutorial Video


File Formats Incldued

2 File Formats are included:

  • DVX (Resolume) - 1920 x 1080 (HD) -Includes transparency
  • MP4 -  1920 x 1080 pixels (HD) - No transparency


How to Purchase

  • Add to Cart
  • Check Out & Pay
  • You will recive an e-mail contiaining a download link within minutes of checking out. (please ensure your e-mail is correct and check out)
  • Download 
  • Import into your favourite VJ / Live performance software




Important Information:

Users will need to map the visuals using 3rd party software such as Resolume, Madmapp, Arkoas.... Alignment image is included for setup. 

TV Pack - - Split DJ Booth (Video Mapped)



    Receive your download link instantly after purchase via e-mail.

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