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Video Mapping (Also known as Projection Mapping) is the technique of using video projectors to project video content onto a complex surface such as building architecture
or a purpose built surface.
Video mapping gives the impression of video interacting with a surface and can manipulate and change the appearance of a surface with 3D effects and illusions.

Video mapping is a technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display using video projectors.

Visuals can appear to interact with your venues décor and architecture and bring a projected surface to life.

ClubberUK Visuals have over 13 years experience in Video Mapping and have a portfolio of installs across the UK and Ireland.

Ideal for any focal point where you want to capture your customers attention. 

ClubberUK Visuals were one of the first company's to bring this technique into the nightclub and bar industry as documented in “Night Magazine, February 2008” and have since worked with a number of installation company's across the UK.

Our video mapping installations are custom designed for each client.

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