Make your TV & projector screens work for your business and increase customer awareness and your profits
We can create a custom advertising DVD for your venue or event. This DVD can be branded to match your venue / events and include advertising.

DVD's can engage your customers by displaying photographs taken in your venue or why not use our event filming service and show videos of you big nights.r bbig nights on your screens.

Our years of experience in filming in difficult environments has taught us how to get the best shots of your crowds.

We can provide live wireless video links allowing us to beam footage as we shoot it live to your TVs and projectors. This allows your customers to see them self's live and really gets the atmosphere going and adds an extra dimension to your night. 

Many venues already have large TV's and projectors installed.

Make sure your business is making the most of these tools by utilising the power of video advertising. Video can engage your customers and is much more effective than print based advertising.

ClubberUK Visuals provide

We can provide your advertising and visuals in a range of formats including standard DVDs which can be played in any DVD player and will automatically loop all night long.


We can provide digital computer solutions to control your advertising and visuals.

Digital solutions allow us to update and manage your adverts remotely over the internet, allowing you to concentrate on running your business

Video Content

Your custom video could include


  • Drink promotions / prices

  • Upcoming events

  • Past events (info, photographs, videos)

  • Customer photographs

  • Safety messages

  • Your website details

  • Social media information including Facebook and Twitter





Displaying Video Solutions